British Columbia, Rocky Mountains Via the Alaska Highway, , June 2, 2008

25 06 2008

Unintimidated Wild Life

Step on a Scree

Now we had to drive through the Rocky Mountains. We enjoyed the lakes and massive screes. We had spotted quite a variety of wildlife in our travels already, and now came the mountain sheep. They were entertaining for their complete nonchalance to traffic. If one was licking something on the road (which they often do) they just won’t move until they’re finished. This delights travelers and aggravates truckers. Personally, I found driving the Boogie Bus along the narrow, twisty roads of the Rockies challenging and I don’t know how people navigate trucks or those giant mo-hoes over them. I was glad no sheep jumped in front of the bus.

Don't Let This Be You

Because of that I was relieved when we got to the foothills and some long straight roads. Our target was Fort Saint John, but just to stock up on needed items and perhaps get a bit of WiFi time (finally). Even though we made good time and drove late we got too tuckered out to make it all the way there, and ended up spending the night at the last rest stop before the town.

This turned out to be a very popular rest stop. When we got there there was already a truck, two mo-hoes and a couple of cars. Step went to sleep and I watched a movie until maybe 2. I went to the bathroom and was delighted to find a warm, well-lit bathroom with flush toilets and sinks with hot water. This was a welcome change to the outhouses we had become accustomed to on the northern roads. No wonder the rest stop was so popular! Walking back I noticed a Boler had joined us and now a classic Airstream was pulling in.

It was a good thing we really took full advantage of the full service rest stop, because it was the last one we would get on this leg of the journey.

A Common Sight on the Alaska Highway




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