Saskatchewan, The Yellowhead Highway to Saskatoon, June 8-10, 2008

6 07 2008

Road to Somewhere

 We drove down the road and stayed in an Albertan town so sorry I can’t even be bothered to remember or look up the name. There’s a place called Lloydminster that saddles the Albertan/Saskatchewan border, and even though it’s a fairly large town there was no plain organic yoghurt at the Sobey’s! (Much as we were enjoying our Canada trip, aside from Farmers’ Markets—which didn’t have much fresh this time of year—we had not fared well on the food side of things. Living in Vancouver perhaps creates unrealistic expectations of food quality, especially when you shop almost daily at Granville Island Market like I do.)

Prairie Gophers

I’ll come clean right away and say I LOVE SASKATCHEWAN, at least the parts I saw. Having never been before and only going on what people had told me, I guess I expected it to be somewhat boring. Maybe the Trans Canada Highway is, but the Yellowhead was non-stop scenic wonder, and the prairie is beautiful and not at all flat. There were all kinds of rolling hills, boreal forests, and river valleys.


We only made it to Battleford and then got distracted from driving by the long sunset. (Grief always makes Step more tired, too, so we weren’t making a lot of daily progress in terms of driving distance, anyway). We checked out the Municipal campsite but it was sort of scraggly and also it was in the middle of a housing development project that was tar, white pick-up trucks, and rows of all-the-same houses which always messes with my psyche. Instead we drove to North Battleford and found the David Laird campsite. We raced out for the sunset but the campsite is on a big hill and there were all these trees for wind-breaking which blocked the view. David Laird was literally infestated with prairie gophers, which was kind of cute, and it had a beautiful moon.

Not Immune to the Beautiful Moon




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