Ontario, Highway 11, June 21, 2008

27 07 2008

They are Canadian

They are Canadian

A Popular Muskoka Roadside Institution

A Popular Muskoka Roadside Institution

Now we wanted to make some distance and get to Campbellford in time to participate in Step’s cousin Jim’s 50th birthday party, but first we had to drive through Sioux Ste. Marie and Ontario “cottage country”, I can’t say much about the Sioux ‘cept it gives good propane. Cottage Country is full of large lakeside homes that Ontarioans refer to as “cottages” for some reason, and it was beautiful and stormy, but as we sort of blazed through it (except for one short stop at Santa Village) I again can not report. Lunch was much discussed but in our haste remained merely theoretical, until we drove by some stand alone highway hamburger stand that was so well attended that despite the concrete highway divider in our way I insisted we backtrack and eat there.

A Successful Footbridge Lobby

It turns out Weber’s Hamburgers on Highway 11 is a Muskoka’s institution. It’s definitely fast foody; serving up hamburgers, fries and pops, with burgers running about 4 clams. But it was of way superiour quality than most fast food places, and the charcoal grill is in the window for all to see. They also have a nice picnic table area or an old Via Rail train you can eat lunch at. Weber’s even has their own foot bridge that spans the highway, because when the concrete divider got put in they were worried about losing half their business and successfully lobbied the local government to be able to put the bridge. Also, anyone of the staff can tell you how to get back to the other side of the highway. We weren’t the only ones who couldn’t just drive on past, and we finally got some lunch.

Choo Choo Burger Krazy!





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