Ontario, Sudbury, June 21, 2008

27 07 2008
Nickel for My Thoughts

Nickel for My Thoughts

This Nickel is Heavy

I wanted to like Sudbury, I really did. I knew it had been trying to leave it’s air-polluted, slag-heap-rimmed reputation behind it, get pretty and be a bit treasured, but it just wasn’t possible. There were a few nice spots on the drive in and I did marvel at the HUMUNGOUS industrial chimneys. Of course we visited the giant nickel. You know the old saying “find a nickel, pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck”? That giant nickel is heavy. Maybe even heavy enough to flatten the Boogie Bus. And what can you buy for a nickel nowadays, anyway?

To be honest, though, I did find the parts of the slag heaps that were still exposed to be strangely beautiful.

Beautiful Smokestacks of Industry




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