Ontario, Not Quite Kingston, June 29, 2008

11 08 2008


We left town in the late afternoon and hightailed it straight to Kingston. I really enjoy the Vancouver Centennial Police Museum and I was excited to see Kingston has a Correctional Facility (read prison) Museum, which is right on the waterfront across from the prison. The municipal campground is only a few blocks from that. But when we got there, the campground was closed! We couldn’t find anywhere to park discretely (we still weren’t desperate enough for Wal-Mart) and we drove around futiley looking for an alternate campground, finally stopping to ask someone at a gas station. He fortunately turned out to be a camper and directed us to one about 20 minutes out of town. So we never really saw anything of Kingston, except the dark of night.

Husky Truck Stop

Husky Truck Stop

The campground was one of those RV Resorts that even had a big lodge with live entertainment, and we could only be accommodated in a serviceless field far from the bathrooms, and the cost was high so we decided not to stay and just look for a rest area instead. Well, of course you can’t stay overnight at a rest area in Ontario but if you see a giant Canadian flag west of Quebec you know you’ve found the full service Husky or Mowhawk where the truckers stop to sleep. The Husky or Mohawk has a 24 hour convenience store and restaurant, 24 hour bathrooms and laundry and showers for a fee. It’s kind of noisy if you’re near a truck that has refrigeration but we have earplugs and other than that I’d say the services were better than most campgrounds AND you can gas up, or in our case propane up, before you even roll out in the morning. There were lots of trucks there late at night but when we woke in the morning it was just one truck and us.





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