Newfoundland, The Arches Provincial Park and The Viking Trail, August 7 & 8, 2008

10 02 2010
The Famous Arches

The Famous Arches

A Narnian Camp Spot

A Narnian Camp Spot

Not very far north of Gros Morne is the Arches Provincial Park, named after some huge rocks by the sea that have naturally formed arches. There used to be 4 arches but one collapsed and now there are 3. Of course we arrived at the Arches at twilight, and with the sun setting behind them it was a beautiful sight. We decided to camp right in the parking lot, and we weren’t the only people with that idea, as evidenced by a neighbouring Westfalia. Even though technically the park closes at 9pm, no one bothered us or seemed to care about our renegade camping. There were 2 levels of parking and the one we camped in was sort of Narniaesque because it was ringed by tuckamores that were all dead and bone white. In the morning we investigated the arches—this picture of Step on the smaller rock gives you some idea of their scale. There are also little Inukshuks  and rock piles everywhere that other visitors have left.

A Scaling Example

A Scaling Example

In the Shadow of The Arches

Because we were stealth camping we hadn’t put out our gray water pan. Usually we empty our gray water from the pan into a grate or under a bush or something, but we weren’t expecting to do much at The Arches so we were just letting what we thought would be a tiny amount of run off water go right onto the tarmac. But then we ended up doing more washing up than we anticipated and when we left the next day there was a big puddle of soapy water under our van. We always use plant based eco-soaps so we knew we hadn’t really hurt anything, but we were still ashamed and embarrassed by our puddle—that is not following the campsite rule! So sorry, The Arches Provincial Park, we promise to do better. We sheepishly drove away leaving the evidence of our tourism irresposibility behind us.

Along the Viking Trail

The Viking Trail is the road which goes along the west side of Newfoundland to l’Anse Aux Meadows. It goes all along the sea and there are numerous little fishing villages along the way. We lunched in the van at Flowers Cove and after lunch we picked up a hitchhiker who was on his way to St. Anthony to visit his girlfriend. I was glad I was sitting in the back and he was visiting with Step in the front because he had a Newfie accent so strong I couldn’t really understand anything he said. I mean, we were all speaking English but I have a hard time understanding any accent so it may as well have been a foreign language to me. We were on our way to l’Anse Aux Meadows, so we let him off where the road forked.

Flowers Cove




2 responses

27 09 2012
John Noel

I love the pics. Thanks for sharing them. The last one is of the lighthouse in Flowers Cove not Hawks Bay.

27 09 2012

Thanks for that! I try to make the notations as accurate as possible, but that particular pic I wasn’t sure and reconstructed where we had lunch using Google Maps. I have always wondered if that were really Hawks Bay and I am happy to be able to correct the caption. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures.

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