We thought it would be really cool to drive across Canada in a campervan, and when our friend Bart Simpson announced that he was marrying Undrea Norris in St. John’s, Newfoundland this summer, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We found a groovy blue 1986 Chevy Get-Away van conversion, and proceeded to pimp it out to make it a cross-country travelin’ machine.  We christened it the Boogie Bus and then we hit the road!



8 responses

17 06 2008
Carol Tremain

OMG…. The “Sound of Music!”

3 09 2008
Kevin Gellatly

Too bad we missed each other in Kingston!

7 09 2008

and where are you now?

4 01 2009

Ha, ha. I have a van almost exactly like yours and guess where I was planning to take it.

18 01 2012

Spent a good hour on your blog today looking and reading about your trip. It has brought back so many memories of my coast to coast adventures (13 times!) and I am so ready for #14.

Thanks for a great blog.


12 05 2012

how do I become a follower?

12 05 2012

There should be a “follow button on the WordPress Bar at the top of the page.

23 09 2012

This is a great site. My bf and I live in Kelowna and we bought a 1978 Dodge camper van to head to my hometown of Windsor, On for a friends wedding. We thought it would be better than paying for flights to go. We have had it since July and have used it a ton already. We head out Oct 5th 😀

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