We thought it would be really cool to drive across Canada in a campervan, and when our friend Bart Simpson announced that he was marrying Undrea Norris in St. John’s, Newfoundland this summer, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We found a groovy blue 1986 Chevy Get-Away van conversion, and proceeded to pimp it out to make it a cross-country travelin’ machine.  We christened it the Boogie Bus and then we hit the road!


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17 06 2008
Carol Tremain

OMG…. The “Sound of Music!”

3 09 2008
Kevin Gellatly

Too bad we missed each other in Kingston!

7 09 2008

and where are you now?

4 01 2009

Ha, ha. I have a van almost exactly like yours and guess where I was planning to take it.

18 01 2012

Spent a good hour on your blog today looking and reading about your trip. It has brought back so many memories of my coast to coast adventures (13 times!) and I am so ready for #14.

Thanks for a great blog.


12 05 2012

how do I become a follower?

12 05 2012

There should be a “follow button on the WordPress Bar at the top of the page.

23 09 2012

This is a great site. My bf and I live in Kelowna and we bought a 1978 Dodge camper van to head to my hometown of Windsor, On for a friends wedding. We thought it would be better than paying for flights to go. We have had it since July and have used it a ton already. We head out Oct 5th 😀

27 07 2017
Cathy Reitz

I just stumbled upon this thinking about my Great Uncle Nick Buk who I was so found of growing up at his little shack. And that is my Aunty Mary too. So glad you got to visit with her just before she passed. We still visit Two Hills yearly and love it so deeply. My Grandpa was John Buk. Brother to Nick Buk and brother in law to Mary Buk. (Brother to Bill Buk)

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